Our new publication: Serotonin orchestrates the neuronal regeneration in Alzheimer’s model of zebrafish brain

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We are thrilled to announce our latest paper in PLoS Biology. “Neuron-glia interaction through Serotonin-BDNF-NGFR axis enables regenerative neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s model of adult zebrafish brain”

Our previous research showed that zebrafish is stunning in generating new neurons in response to Alzheimer’s disease. But the molecular mechanism underlying was unknown. Here we identified it!

By using single cell sequencing, machine learning, and molecular/cellular techniques in our Alzheimer‘s disease model of adult zebrafish brain, we identified an evolutionary divergent neuronglia crosstalk mechanism that zebrafish uses to cope with neurodegeneration.

Humans cannot form new neurons to replace the lost ones after Alzheimer‘s. Maybe this is why we cannot cope with the disease. Here, we found that the mechanism we discovered in zebrafish is indeed not active in mouse brains with Alzheimer and BDNF cannot activate neurogenesis.

We propose that zebrafish has some special tricks to counteract Alzheimer‘s and we can learn from it! Zebrafish is amazing, zebrafish rocks! We thank to our collaborators Yixin Zhang, Govindarajan Nambirajan, Weipang Chang and Konstantinos Ampatzis. We thank to DRESDEN_concept members for excellent infrastructure. Specially to Dresden Genome Center and Andreas Dahl for excellent single cell sequencing. This work would not be possible without the support of German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) within Helmholtz Association, TU Dresden / CRTD, and DFG.

For details of the study please refer to the original publication: 


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