World Alzheimer’s Day declaration

Auguste Deter, the first Alzheimer’s patient diagnosed by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906.

Tierversuche Verstehen (an initiative of major research organizations in Germany, such as Max Planck Society, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Association, DFG, Leopoldina, Fraunhofer Institutes, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, DAAD, Wissenschaftsrat and others) issued a statement on the future of Alzheimer’s disease research. Along with Prof. Chriatian Haass, Prof. Bart De Strooper, Prof. Michael Heneka, Prof. Agnes Flöel, Dr. Bernd Sommer, we contributed with our perspective on zebrafish and 3D human brain models. The bottom-line is: there is hope, more research is required!

In German:



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