Our new review on pathology-induced regenerative molecular programs of zebrafish brain is out!



We have published a review article on the current knowledge about the damage-induced molecular programs that underlie the regenerative ability in zebrafish brain in Current Pathobiology Reports.

The ability to regenerate lost neurons is one of the aims of designing regenerative therapies in humans. Zebrafish, with its extensive regenerative ability and superb aptitude for generating new neurons from its neural stem cells, can help us to understand which molecules and genes are required for efficiently replenishing the lost cells in our brains. Our review highlights the recently identified mechanisms that are required for neural stem cells to respond to damage in zebrafish brain and we elaborate on considerations of how stem cells can be used for regenerative therapies.

Our review can be found under the following link as a for-all open-access article:


Citation: Kizil, C. Curr Pathobiol Rep (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40139-018-0158-x

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